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Road Construction-Channelside Drive
Posted on Dec 19th, 2018

Tentative Channelside construction schedule:

CWS-19-0000067 permit (Channelside Re-grade):


·         Phase 1:  One west-bound lane open on Channelside between Old Water St and Meridian Ave

o   12/17/18-1/6/19

·         Phase 2:  Two west-bound lanes open on Channelside Dr between Old Water St and Meridian Ave

o   1/7/19-1/14/19

·         Phase 3:  Two west-bound lanes & one east-bound lane open on Channelside Dr between Old Water St and Meridian Ave

o   1/15/19-1/25/19


Tentative Old Water construction schedule:

CWS-19-0000052 permit (Old Water St Improvements and Force Main)


·         Phase 1: Old Water(Franklin to Marriott Entrance)

o   12/17/18 ‐ 1/16/19

·         Phase 2: Old Water (At Florida Intersection – Marriott has access to entrance and exit)

o   1/16/19 – 2/2/19

·         Phase 3: Old Water (Marriott Exit to Marriott Loading Dock)

o   2/2/19 – 2/19/19

·         Phase 4: Old Water (Marriott Loading Dock to Morgan)

o   2/19/19 – 3/15/19

·         Phase 5: Old Water (Morgan Intersection)

o   3/15/19 – 3/26/19

Harbour Island Complete Streets Project
Posted on Oct 4th, 2018
Knights Run Ave from S Harbour Island Blvd to Beneficial Drive; Beneficial Drive from Knights Run Ave to Channelside Dr. are four-lane divided local collector roads with posted speeds of 30 MPH and 40 MPH, respectively and average daily traffic volume of approximately between 15, 380 to 16,560 vehicles per day. The area serves both commercial and residential uses. This project will improve safety and traffic flow for motorists, bicycles and pedestrians. The proposed improvements include:
• Rehabilitating of existing roadway.
• Implementing of traffic calming measures for safety enhancements by installing two raised pedestrian crosswalks, AND narrowing the travel lanes to ten (10) feet.
• Installing bicycle lanes.
• Rehabilitating of existing roadway from Knights Run Ave to the Beneficial Bridge.
• Installing bicycle lanes and adding a 2-ft buffer to the proposed bicycle lane on the Beneficial Bridge.
• Narrowing the travel lanes to ten (10 feet) and reducing the posted speed limit from 40 MPH to 30 MPH.
Please note: This Project is unrelated to the Wastewater Pipeline Project.