HARBOUR ISLAND COMMUNITY SERVICES ASSOCIATION, INC. (HICSA) is the Master Association for Harbour Island. HICSA responsibilities include:
  • Ponds and Island-wide storm water system
  • Landscaping and irrigation of HICSA property
  • Maintenance and support for the Island website:  http://HarbourIslandVoice.com
  • Insurance of Common Property
  • Interface with the City for coordination of maintenance of bridges, roadbeds and lighting, traffic and event planning, and to ensure compliance with zoning and joint agreements
  • Administration: budget, collections, reporting
  • Architectural Review Committee: The Mission of the ARC is to maintain the high quality and consistency of the aesthetics and design of the buildings and sites found throughout Harbour Island.

PIAZZA NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION is comprised of 537,000 sq ft of commercial space. It includes office complexes, the Westin Hotel, restaurants, retail businesses and marina.
NORTH NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION is a mixed use service district, with both businesses and neighborhood associations sharing this area. It includes:
  • 1100 rental apartments in three apartment complexes.
  • 1272 residential units in seven condominium or townhome communities
  • Six separately owned commercial properties which include restaurants, businesses and office complexes.
SOUTH NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION is comprised of 656 residential homes which include two condominium communities, five townhome communities, four single family home communities, and a marina association.
If you have any questions or comments about HICSA, please contact:
President (South)
Vice President 
Treasurer/Sec (North)
Director (Piazza)
Director (North)
Director (Piazza)
Director (South)
Mike Gratz
Steve Wigh
Ann Cieslak
Ian Gaum
Britanny Cole
Steve Wigh
Linda Babooram
Property Manager:  Michael Baptista, LCAM, Condominium Associates