South Neighborhood Association
The South Neighborhood Association is home to many neighborhood communities on the Island. It is a controlled access environment for all residents and guests, which is one of the reasons many people enjoy living in the communities "behind the gates".
The South Neighborhood is strictly residential with many neighborhood associations that include two condominium communities, four townhome communities, four single family home communities, and a marina association.
The South Neighborhood Association
777 S. Harbour Island Blvd. Suite 195
Tampa, FL 33602

       Michael Baptista
       Office: 813-221-3300  ext. 201
Security Operations Manager:
Richard Sloggett
Phone: (813) 221.3300 ext 203
Fax: (813) 221.3320
Access Gates:
West Gate 
S. Harbour Island. Blvd
(813) 307.9808
East Gate
S. Beneficial Dr.
(813) 307.9609
Larry Premak - President 
Harbour Homes
Bob Johnston St. Tropez
Mike Gratz - Treasurer
Homes of Harbour Bay
Linda Babooram - Secretary
Harbour Bay Townhomes
Sripintha Navarathinarajah Harbour Bay Townhomes
Maria Tirelli - Vice-President Harbour Court
Lee Godwin  
DeLeon Sheffield  Island Homes
Pam Eliopulos    Port Royal
Susan Colunio Seddon Cove
Pat Sullivan The Keys
Josephine Dato
The Point
Kathy Pichowski Harbour Homes
Position Open Harbour Island Marina Association
Mike Gratz  Homes of Harbour Bay    
Robert Johnston                 St. Tropez
The SNA Board of Directors meetings are held on the 4th Monday of every month with the exception of Holidays. Agenda Notices are posted on the bulletin boards at each entrance to the island on the Friday preceding the meeting. The approved minutes from the monthly SNA Board of Directors Meeting are available upon request from the Property Manager.
All guests of residents are required to have photo identification for access to the SNA. When approaching the gate, guests must be prepared to give their host resident's name and address, their own name, and a proper photo ID to gain access. Realtors and their clients will only be granted access at the request of a resident or selling agent on Harbour Island. Selling agents must fill out and return a Realtor Authorization Form, signed by the owner they represent, to be able to grant access to others as part of a sales process.
Contractors must present a photo ID, and provide a resident name and address for the home where they will be working. Contractor Hours are 7 AM - 6 PM Monday through Friday, and 8 AM - 3 PM only on Saturday. Contractors are not permitted into the South Neighborhood Association on Sundays or designated holidays. Please note that access for contractors is through the East Gate only!
For further information about providing services behind the gates, we suggest that you review the HICSA Residential Contractors Operations Policy, Contractor Rules and Procedures or the Contractor Information Sheet summary for further information.
Pedestrian gate keys are available in the SNA Office 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. The cost is $125.00 of which $100.00 will be refunded upon the return of the key. There is a limit of only two keys per address.
Residents may obtain Bar Codes for their vehicles that will enable them access through the resident's lane. Once residents have been approved by the individual neighborhood associations (where applicable), and have closed on their homes or began their leases, have completed an SNA Data Form, turned in their SNA application along with their payment, they need to contact Richard Sloggett at (813) 221.3300 Ext 203 to schedule an appointment to have the BarCode affixed to their vehicle(s). The application fee includes one (1) bar code. Each additional bar code is $10.00 per vehicle. Vehicles must be owned by the resident and registered to an address behind the gates.
If you plan to go on vacation, or move out for an extended period of time, we recommend utilizing the vacation/vacancy notification form. You must fill out the front of the form and submit it to Harbour Island Security via fax at (813) 221-3320 or drop it off at either gate house.
Residents should call “911” for the following:
• Any emergency where life or property is at risk
• Fires
• Medical emergencies
• Criminal mischief/vandalism
• Restraining order violations
• Domestic violence
• Burglaries of homes, vehicles or water crafts
• Stalkers
• Harassing telephone calls
• Threats
NOTE: For any of the situations above call “911” first. Then, if possible, call SNA Security so the roving security officer may be dispatched. NEVER call SNA Security first as this will delay the Fire/Police/Rescue response.
Residents should call and notify their Property Management office for the following:
• Parking issues and towing (that are not blocking/obstructing street)
• Water leaks
• Elevator malfunctions
• Illegal signage
• Neighbor disputes with no threat of violence or danger
• Trash, debris, etc. pickup
• Pool rule enforcement
• Any other non-criminal neighborhood problems
Residents should call SNA Security (307-9609 or 307-9808) for the following:
• After any “911” call is made
• Safety issues, e.g., road obstructions, open manholes, playground problems, etc.
• Trespassers
• Loose or lost animals*
• Animal nuisance and violation guidance*
• Suspicious persons/vehicles
• Unauthorized use of community swimming pools after hours
• Parking issues and towing for communities that have implemented the SNA ticketing/towing
• Vehicles blocking access and egress of roadways
• Road hazards
• Noise violations
*NOTE: The SNA is unable to board or hold animals, if found
Non urgent resident services provided by SNA Security include:
• Installation of bar codes
• Lost and Found
• Check on safety and welfare of residents on request (Vacation Check List available on Harbour
   Island Voice web site or contact SNA office)
• Notification of open garage door, open vehicle trunks, etc.
One of Harbour Island's biggest selling points has been and continues to be the fine security behind the residential gates.  Our current Security Operations Manager is Richard Sloggett. Richard is a retired Tampa law enforcement officer where he served the Tampa community for 26 years. The position is an important one, as he is on call 24/7 and manages the security contract with a third party and serves as lead interface between contractors and residents within the South NSD.